Peter Shterev Ltd. was found in 1991 in the town of Assenovgrad as a private company. Our town is situated in the south of Bulgaria, 160 km. close to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. A highway connects airport and Assenovgrad. Because of this fact you can very easily visit us for contracting orders, for quality control etc.

Peter Shterev Ltd. currently has one fabrication facility. This facility is in a free-standing building. The production floor is 7,200 sq. ft. on the 1st floor and is clear-span.

The highly educated leading team is orientated towards innovations. This fact guarantees the inculcation of new client’s desires and ideas.

We currently employ 50 well-trained people, who has good experience in the tailoring industry.

The company has on own quality management and control system. This system guarantees both control during the production process and control of the ready made articles’- quality. It allows the use of expansive materials.

The flexibility, perfect production planing and organisation, geographic position of Bulgaria and it’s closeness to West Europe, correctness to the partners enable the fulfillment not only of orders for big quantities but the short term deliveries of orders for small quantities as well.

The company is a member of the Association of Apparel and Textile Exporters (E-mail: association@bgtextiles.org), Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Bulgarian Chamber of Economic and Union of The Enterprisors in Assenovgrad.